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Baby month 13


13 month old baby development

At 13 months old you may begin to notice changes in your toddler’s behaviour as she discovers new emotions and finds out that there are some barriers to her exciting growing independence, here's what else you can expect to see:

You will see a wide range of moods and behaviour; from clingy affection to frustration and complete stubbornness.

Your toddler may also begin to show signs of separation anxiety, such as clinging, crying and becoming very distressed when she knows you are going to leave her. Try to use tactics that help to minimise partings such as keeping her busy before you go and making your ‘goodbyes’ brief.

Her growing independence will lead her to explore her surroundings with or without you so safety becomes an even more important issue now.

Get down on the floor and look at the room from your child’s viewpoint to make sure there are no unforeseen dangers.

However, there’s no need to rush out to buy shoes the moment your toddler show signs of wanting to walk. As long as the surface she is walking on is safe, walking barefoot on slightly uneven ground such as grass or sand will help to build the muscles in her lower legs and help her to develop a sense of balance.

Learning to balance is an integral part of walking, so try not to rush to her rescue when she falls over, unless she’s hurt, of course.

She needs to be encouraged to get back up onto her feet so that she gains the confidence to know that she can walk and fall and stand up again by herself.

Between her first and second birthday your baby’s growth rate will slow down and she will begin to lose her baby fat. You may find that her appetite starts to diminish and that she becomes more choosy about what she will or won’t eat.

Your toddler at 13 months:

She should be able to:

  • Stand on her own
  • Walk round the furniture
  • Grasp objects
  • Understand simple instructions
  • Imitate your actions

She will probably be able to:

  • Walk independently or when holding your hands
  • Hold a spoon, although her efforts to feed herself will be rather hit and miss
  • Scribble with crayons
  • Drink from a cup

She might be able to:

  • Walk unaided
  • Feed herself
  • Combine words and gestures to make her needs known

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