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Baby month 12


12 month old baby development

As your baby fast approaches the milestone first birthday, you'll suddenly see glimpses of what lies ahead – the makings of a toddler - this can be shown in her growing independence, the dawn of negativity, the odd temper tantrum and obstinacy to do things her way or not at all. Here's what else you can expect:

While her attention span is still relatively limited, life has become a series of fun games – the favourite being dropping things.

She has finally worked out how to drop objects and will take great delight watching you stoop to pick them up, time and again.

She'll be able to give you a toy as well as take one and likes games where she can put things, such as blocks in containers and then tip them out.

Nap time could become difficult as it is common at this age for her to resist going down and this can lead to a fuss at bedtime. To overcome this, follow a night time routine – perhaps a bath followed by a bedtime story – as this should help her settle.

Whatever you do, make sure it is a regular routine so that your baby has plenty of time to wind down.

You may elect to alternate activities with your partner (you do the bath, he reads the story, and so on) each night, or try taking it in turns to put her to bed to give both of you a break several times a week.

Your baby at twelve months:

She should be able to:

  • Imitate others activities
  • Indicate her wants with gestures
  • Put objects into a container

She will probably be able to:

  • Say words other than 'mama' and 'dada'
  • Understand and respond to simple instructions.
  • stoop from a standing position

Might be able to

  • Take a few steps on her own
  • Scribble with crayons
  • Drink from a cup independently
  • Play ball (roll a ball back to you)
  • Stand alone well
  • Walk well

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